Friday, November 1, 2013

Nine Top Sinners Who Later Became Saints

We all like a good comeback story.  We also really want to be loving, patient, disciplined, and productive all the time...but let's be honest.  This is impossible when left to our own devices.  Today, on this Catholic feast celebrating all Saints, I wanted to remind us of huge sinners who still made it to heaven.  These guys (and ladies) show that more of life's journey might just be acknowledging that we screw up and ask for help instead of worrying about perfecting our systems so life goes smoothly.

It's all about relationship, baby.  And these gals (and guys) knew that their only answer to the desire for perfection was crying out to their Creator--despite all the destruction they may have caused.  In their best moments, they believed with whole heart that God loved them first, above all else.  The "about-face" that happened in their lives proves it.

My attempt at my own BuzzFeed list:

Top Sinners Who Made It

Saints Peter and Paul

Peter denied Jesus and Paul killed Christians. Peter became first Pope and Paul wrote half the New Testament. 

Mary Magdalene
Prostitute turned loyal follower, Mary Magdalene's heart was so changed, she was one of only three left at the cross of Jesus during the Crucifixion. 

St. Ignatius of Loyola
Soldier and ladies man, Ignatius, while recovering from serious battle wounds, discovered a spirituality never known before to himself (or anyone else.)  He is the founder of the Jesuits.
St. Francis of Assisi
This painting might depict Francis' life as a walk in the park, but this guy gave up the easy, wealthy, boisterous life for one of poverty and suffering.  He even received the wounds of Christ!
St. Martha
Oh Martha. Martha.  Easily a hero of mine who wanted help/praise for all of her work, instead of reveling in Christ's presence.  But Martha's truest heart was seen by Him who mattered, and now she just has a bad rap as the "busy saint."
St. Thomas
Thomas doubted, despite what all his friends told him, that Jesus truly rose from the dead.  I might have too, honestly.  Redemption came when he saw and believed.
St. Mary of Egypt
Her aching heart found respite as a hermit in the wilderness after years of living as a prostitute.  

St. Augustine
He was whistling a different tune from "Make me chaste, Lord, but not yet" to "My heart is restless until it rests in You."  Now, THAT'S conversion.

For information on these saints and more, visit and learn more about God's endless mercy and the capacity of the human heart to adhere to the Truth.

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