Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What A Two Year Old Can Teach You About Mass and the Catholic Faith

"Erica, are you coming with us?" my two-year-old niece asked as she walked out my apartment door with my college friends.  Yep, that's Lydia off to Mass with my friends.  I wasn't planning on taking her, but she saw my friends were going and wanted to go.

Lesson One: Sometimes a little peer pressure will keep us on the right track.

"Is Jesus coming back?" she asked after the deacon left the pulpit from saying the noon Angelus.  Lydia is in a constant state of confusion on whether the priest/deacon is actually Jesus Christ himself. Maybe it was the robes?

Lesson Two: The priest absolutely is the instrument that brings Jesus to us in the Eucharist, and all other Sacraments.

Although playing with my chap-stick was a source of distraction for her at daily Mass (hey, could be worse things...), she was instantly pulled out of that when the bells rang during the Consecration part of Mass.

Lesson Three: Those bells are there for us too, to pull us out of our less visible distractions of heart and mind.

"Ooooh!  Do we get to go up there?" This was at the part of Communion.  Because her parents take her to Mass, Lydia knows pretty well what happens at this part, and she was excited to walk up to the priest.  Once there, she just stopped a stared at him for a few seconds, mouth wide open, then said, "Can I have that?" referring to the Body and Blood of Christ.

Lesson Four: The Eucharist is something to be desired and the gesture of receiving together makes us unified in grace and tangibly--so much so that those who can't partake WANT to.

(My favorite).  When she saw me genuflect upon leaving the pew, Lydia squatted down to do the same.

Lesson Five: Even when you don't understand everything, you trust and imitate those who love and care for you.

A simple day and one of the thousands of Masses happening around the world today...but Lydia's innocence brought an ever new meaning to daily Mass and following the faith.  "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."