Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fortnight to Freedom

"It's a cute title with the alliteration and all...but 'Fortnight to Freedom?'...two weeks to freedom?  What's going on?"

This was my initial reaction to a Facebook invite about two weeks ago to join a group to pray for our religious liberty here in the United States.  As time goes on, however, and I've been reading more and more about this, (via Facebook, Twitter, the Criterion...Catholic News Agency...seriously, it's everywhere if you know where to look), I'm getting more into following the "Fortnight to Freedom" (see what I did right there, with the alliteration?)

Bottom line: The Fortnight to Freedom is an opportunity proposed by the United States Catholic Bishops to educate others (not just Catholics, it should be mentioned) about the value of our religious freedom and how the recent proposed healthcare mandate could infringe on this said religious freedom.

There's a novena (a prayer to be prayed every day for the duration of these two weeks leading up to July 4th) as well as daily reflections that you can find here on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website.

I'm seeing that this argument isn't about birth control, as I originally posted in this blog a few months back...(forgive my ignorance...although it still wasn't a bad blog post about the necessity to understanding what it means to be a woman.)

This fight isn't about being against universal healthcare...

It isn't about specific people  in the positions of making these laws become a reality...

It's a desperate cry to say, "WAKE UP!! Do you know what passing a law like this could mean for the future of religious worship in the United States?"

The increased education being provided to us from the Bishops is an attempt to teach us the deepest needs and longings of ALL human hearts (not just those of certain faith traditions) and to stand up for Truth in a society where relativism reigns.

The daily reflections have brought HUGE insight to me about what it means as a human being to seek the truth, and having the freedom to do it, both publicly and privately.  If you care for your heart, take the time to read at least one of these reflections--our dignity as human beings demands it!

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