Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Little Black Dress

Never, in the 18 month history of my blog, have I EVER written about clothing.  Accessories, shoes and the current fashions just don't interest me.  However, as I was getting ready for school last week, I had a "blogging inspiration" and hence, this post.

So, I have this black dress.  Not being a fashionista, I will try to describe it....knee-length, sleeve-less, kind of cinched on the side.  Simply put, a black dress. Definitely modest.  Definitely slimming.  And definitely a sweet deal.  I got it for $10.00 at  Target when I was a senior in high school.  Yep, 10 years ago.

This dress is like those jeans in "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants."  It always fits.  It never wrinkles.  It never fades.  And it's appropriate with any occasion.  A day at school.  Weddings.  Funerals.  Parent Nights.  Bachelorette Parties.  I've never tried it at Zumba, but I'd bet it would work there too....

Getting ready for school last week, I realized that I LOVE this dress.  I wear it all the time.  People must forget because I always get compliments on it.  They ask, "Did you lose weight?" and "Where did you get that?" EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Seriously, I've had this thing for ten years!!!

But after going to Haiti, I've found clothing matters very little to me.  (I mean, it should be clean and in nice repair...and maybe don't wear navy blue with black...)  However, if my apartment were to go up in flames, I would miss this dress...big time.


Before labeling myself as a shallow, typical female, maybe there's more behind the passion for my black dress.  God created all of us worthy of praise, beautiful in His Image, and yearning for comfort, security, and love.  When I'm wearing that dress, I'm at peace.  I'm comfortable in my own skin.  I'm getting compliments from people.  It makes reasonable sense that I cling to this dress.

Thankfully, I've been given an education (first from my parents, then from my community of friends) that our need for affirmation, comfort and security doesn't stop at the clothes we wear.  It doesn't depend on what others say, or even how I'm feeling that day.  I don't use clothes as a method to gain confidence or make myself feel better.

You and I are ALWAYS beautiful and ALWAYS worthy of praise, simply because He made us.  We have a God who wants to shower us with gifts and teach us to live securely in His Love.  Bizarrely enough, He used my black dress to remind me of this daily truth.

So, if I do lose everything I own (because seriously, that's the ONLY way I'm stopping wearing this dress), the grandeur of my beauty still remains!