Monday, May 7, 2012

Cleaner Water, Happier Lives

What if you had to shower in your animals' waste?

Then, reuse that water to wash your clothes?

Then, drink it?

This is a daily reality in the villages in Haiti where I have visited.  It's unjust that our brothers and sisters having to drink literally "crappy" water.  And it's time we did something about it.

Saturday night, I went to a benefit for Haiti at my parish here in Indianapolis whose goal was to raise $5,000 to provide a water purification system for the village of Mole, Haiti...the village where we have a sister parish (St. Nicolas) with St. John's AND the place where I spent a week last May for mission work.

Missy, Scott, and Steve along the bank of river in Bassin-Bleu, Haiti.
Rivers in Haiti are typically used for bathing, waste disposal, washing animals, cars, and clothes, and for DRINKING WATER!
Speaking as a person who has seen it, drinking water quality is the major determinant of a suffering village to a thriving one.

But hope is here!  Using creativity and genius that only God could have blessed him with, Bill Farrar developed a system that purifies water quickly, simply and in a way that villages can self-maintain once it's installed.  Using simple table salt and a 12 volt battery, this water purification system can sanitize water making it healthy for drinking for a village of 5,000 people!  He's installed water purifiers all over the world (and took my friend Joe with him to Haiti last year!) and has created a non-profit organization called "Fountains of Hope."


The great news: We reached our goal of $5,000 and will be able to give Mole, Haiti the water purification system they have asked for.  Additional expenses include providing a storage shed for this purifier so it can stay protected and last for the decade it's designed to.

If you would like to help our project through St. John's to St. Nicolas and the town of Mole, Haiti, you can offer a donation to St. John's and write "H2O for Haiti" in the check memo line.

You can also donate online to Fountains of Hope so that your gift will help the countless villages around the world who suffer from lack of proper drinking water.  Really, this is a no-brainer cause to support.  I'm amazed at what God gives us right at our fingertips to help those in need.