Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Joseph's Day: A Tribute to Men

I've always felt for St. Joseph.  He was stuck in the house with two literally PERFECT people--Jesus and Mary.  How could you ever compete with that?

Throughout my life, I've asked St. Joseph to pray for me because I've felt like he had a deeper understanding than I have of what it means to perfectly love, even when you don't necessarily get all the glory.  He served Jesus and Mary with his entire self...while not being Jesus' actual dad and having a sinless wife.  Wow.

I was super excited when asked to start a St. Joseph novena ten days ago.  A novena is just a prayer you say for nine days in a row, asking a saint for prayers.  You can add your own personal intentions as well.  Praying this novena allowed me to really reflect on husbands, fathers, and just guys in general...(lucky me...haha) and it was soooo good for me to place all my deep desires for a good, holy husband at the core of this novena.

St. Joseph is a model of purity, charity, and holiness for all of us--particularly men that they could have the grace to live as St. Joseph did.  But I think for girls too, it helps us understand the traits we want in a husband and future daddy of our kids. 

Everyone knows I love guys.  Especially "deadly" are the guys who have real passion and talent for a sport, art, or intellectual area of study.  As I get older, I'm understanding that my attraction to their passion is because in front of their "trade" those guys really come alive--are truly what they were created to be.

St. Joseph truly came alive in following God's will--as all men do when they really follow.  He took care of Mary and raised Jesus not because it was a rule to follow--but because it was here that he knew he had ultimate Happiness.  As I was praying my novena this week, I prayed for lots of men in my dad, grandfathers, and godfather.  New daddies like my brother and close friends.  Priests and seminarians.  Husbands-to-be and those who are dating seriously.  And all those single men who are still trying to find their way.

Thank you, God, in your Infinite Wisdom, for giving us St. Joseph to follow as a model of what it means to come alive while obeying Your authority.  He exemplifies selfless love and preserves the dignity of families. Listen to St. Joseph as he prays for my future husband and my discernment in finding him! :)  AMEN!