Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rebel Pride on Christmas Break

I remember being 10 and praying with all my might that my mom wouldn't send me to Roncalli High School. I had been raised in the public school system and my parents were deciding on whether or not to transfer us to Catholic school.  It was scary.  It was new.  And those kids were weird.

Despite my prayers, God didn't listen and I found myself at St. Barnabas for sixth grade and Roncalli High School until my senior year.  In His infinite wisdom, I've been blessed with more great people from my high school days than I deserve and this Christmas break highlighted that fact yet again.

A few times a month, I eat dinner with seven or eight friends from high school who made a conscious decision to stay together about three years ago.  We rotate the cooking/hosting responsibilities and it's been a really great thing for me to do.  It says a lot if you can continue on friendships that have been around for 15 years--and 15 years of MAJOR life changes. 

Last Wednesday, I had lunch with the "Post Girls" four girls who shared the same position as me on the basketball team.  We grew into great friends and even after the season and into college, I continued to meet with Warner, Knoll, Weber and Frank (okay, those are last names: Kara, Jessica, Anna and Erin in the grown up world...haha) for dinners and conversation.  Ten years later, Kara is pregnant (YAY), Erin is engaged, and Anna and Jess are finishing up school.  (they were the young ones)  I'm so blessed to have had them as teammates and now life-long friends.

Friday was the last of my Rebel-filled surprises with coffee with the Trulocks!  Pat was a close friend from high school and someone who was always incredibly real with me.  He and his wife Megan are a beautiful married couple who really understand what it means to be happy and joyful with the simple things of life.  I could tell from just observing them that they are not only spouses, but best friends and that's something that I wish for myself one day!

I've learned through these high school friends that you aren't friends with someone because of what they have accomplished, what they do for you (or vice versa), or even interests or topics you hold in common. A friendship is possible with ANYone simply because it's a humanity that binds us.   Like I said, when you see 15 years of history with some of these people, you start to understand that there is something a lot more lasting that binds you besides some high school memories or dumb hobby.

I've so enjoyed seeing my high school friends grow into the young adults they are now and learning their new quirks, interests and dreams for the future.  Although I kind of hate to use the expression, "Proud to be a Rebel...." I AM proud of my friends, how they desire the good of one another, and how they stay loyal to those they've been given.