Sunday, January 8, 2012

Acceptance of Adulthood

I woke up at 7am yesterday (a Saturday...yet another point in what I'm about to say) with a "food hangover." For those unfamiliar with the term, a food hangover is when you feel like crap because of all the crap you ate the day or night before.  Symptoms of food hangovers are grogginess, belly ache, other intestinal issues I would prefer to not mention here, dry mouth, and lack of appetite.

As I was cursing myself for eating McDonald's french fries at 1 am on Friday night, I got reflecting...

"This NEVER happened to me when I was younger..."

In my naive younger years, food hangovers didn't exist.  The only hangover I had was from drinking too much.  I'm finding that food hangovers are almost as bad as the "real" ones.

Here are some other things I found myself thinking this fateful Saturday morning at 7am:

"I can't drink caffeine late at night either..."

"I said to my students this week, 'You don't know what a cassette player is?' "

"That high school kid at Kroger called me 'Ma'am' this week..."

"My favorite Christmas presents weren't toys are even gadgets or electronics.  They were home decor and appliances!"

"I'd rather go home than go to Broad Ripple."

"A lot more of my sentences are starting....'When I was in college..." lately."

"Lowe's is becoming the new Claire's.  I can't get out of there with just one thing!"

"I have more Baptisms to attend this year than weddings!!"

"I have to actually think about how to manage my weight....argh."

I'm in a weird place in life because I'm not old---gray hair, wrinkles, and gastro-intestinal issues are still a bit on the horizon (let's hope!)  But I'm definitely moving out of that "YOUNG adult" spectrum and just into adult.  It's crazy to look from the outside at yourself and see just how much you are changing...

But life goes on...and things change.  Instead of lamenting what I DON'T have anymore, I celebrate what I do!  I instruct Zumba classes.  I host dinner parties.  I OWN MY OWN CAR!  I have a budget.  I manage my own classroom.  I'm kind of an adult that has been given much responsibility.  I just hope God knows what He's doing! :)

I'm going to butcher this Bible verse, but the one that says, "May Christ complete the good work He has started in us..." comes to mind.  During my adult years, may God continue to work the miracles in and around me that He's already done in my first 28 years of life!  It's definitely an exciting adventure!

So, even if I'm still getting zits, like Disney movies (just watched Enchanted last night), and call my mom when I'm sick, I'm definitely NOT a kid anymore.  So here's to buying my own acne medicine, making sure the movies I watch are over by 10:30 so I can go to bed, and calling the doctor myself when I need it.  Adulthood is here whether I think I'm ready or not.