Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Seven Wonders of My World

On the recent topic of people rocking my world, there are a few specific people that God has chosen to lighten my load and my path.  As a Thanksgiving post, I'm listing my "Seven Wonders" as far as the people God has blessed me with.

I love talking about my friends and the groups I am a part of because I could have never planned how they would enrich my life and constantly surprise me.  As you'll soon find out, the Seven Wonders encompass a LOT of people...which is why my life is amazing.  Isn't there that expression, "It takes a village to raise a child...?"  I've had a small nation...that's how much help I needed!

1. Mom, Dad, Matt, Allison, Lydia and Courtney
Erica!  That's like six wonders already!  I know, I know.  I told you there were a lot of people on this list.  When God chose my immediate family, these were the six He chose. (seven when Court gets married.  I guess eight if I get married!! Nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen...when we all start having kids.)

2. Fr. Rick and the young adults at St. John the Evangelist
If you've never met Fr. Rick, he's the priest at St. John the Evangelist downtown.  Go to a Mass there one Sunday and you'll understand why he's a wonder.  I've never met someone with such natural joy.  Also, the whole young adult community at St. John's was put in my life during a time when I felt VERY alone and confused.  They will always be a sign of God's redeeming love and plan for me!

3. My Roncalli High School Faithful
One of my favorite wonders because they are so unexpected!  Take kids who were friends from the ages of 13-18 and make them friends as adults at 28.  We have different hobbies and different styles, but Brad, Erin, the Kavanaugh twins, Steve, Vanesa and I stay together and it's an awesome gift.

4. My Monday Night School of Community Group (CL)
This group of people meets with me every week on Monday nights to talk seriously about life and how to live it to the fullest?  You interested?  You're invited.  What's beautiful are these people who take the time to read Fr. Giussani's readings, but more importantly, really live the passion that was given inside of us.  We come together to share the surprise of, "Wow!  God really is in our midst."

5. My St. Susanna Family
How many outsiders at your job would volunteer to help you get your job done?  What about showing up at a Zumba class because you're trying to start a career OR raising an ungodly amount of money for your Haiti mission?  When I first started teaching at St. Susanna, it was a place to get my foot in the door and leave in about two years.  I knew no one there...the school was small and hardly on the Archdiocesan map.  Now, it's truly a family.  My boss is merciful and just, my coworkers supportive, and the families of my students affirming of me and the love I show their children.  It's a WONDERful place to work, seriously.

6. Fraternity/Diaconia Group for Communion and Liberation
Check out #4 because it's born of the same Holy Spirit.  Add to the mix an Italian couple, my ex-boyfriend, two friends from college and a guy my dad's age who I know from my time in Evansville and you have one surprising and POWERFUL concoction of the Holy Spirit.  Never in my WILDEST OF DREAMS would I share my life with these beautiful followers of Christ...but I do and it fills me.  Hence, a wonder.

7. Those Who I Wish Lived in My Town
***Okay, this might be a cop-out wonder because it includes people from college, people who have moved away from Indy, friends that I only see twice a year at CL functions but trust them whole-heartedly with my life decisions, etc.  But they make the "Wonders of the World" list because seriously, what a wonder that you could keep relationships with people who aren't even in your immediate vicinity!!!!!  If I've talked to you in the last two months, consider yourself part of this list!

So, thanks be to God for these people in my life...the wonders of the world that I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving.