Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In His Infinite Mercy, God Gives Me Time to Blog....

Has it really been over THREE WEEKS  since I blogged last?

Here's the thing: I have lots of blog topics written out and sitting on my desk, on my laptop and in my apartment right now just waiting to BUST OUT.

The List:

1. My Visit to Nashville (Yeah, that happened the first weekend of August...)
2. When I Die, I'm Going to Ask God This...(timeless...might still be coming)
3. YOU take away the sins of the World...(I'm pretty sure I was really moved by those words at Mass one day and wanted to write a blog about it...That thought has since passed)
4. "Crap, She's Up" (What I want the devil to say about me every morning..also timeless)
5. Mercy and Teaching (I think I just wanted to complain about everything I have to do to impress the administration here at school.)
6. Why You Aren't Invited (Reasons why I never have visitors to my apt.  This one is pretty personal and I'm still working up the courage.  Okay, not really personal.  Just embarrassing.)

Some of these topics are now obsolete and now that I have the time, I don't want to write about ANY of them...so here goes...wingin' it on the blog.

It's Parent Teacher Conference Week and those weeks used to stress me out.

1. Parents are older than me and still scary.
2. What do I know about raising kids and giving judgements about how they are doing in school?
3. How do I deal with questions I can't answer?
4. I'm sorry...How late do you want me to stay after school?

This year, Parent Teacher Conference Week feels like a vacation:
1. I cancelled all of my tutoring jobs and evening dinner plans for the whole week, so I have an unGodly amount of time...really, I was straightening up my classroom today.  That's definitely usually a 4th grader's job.

2. Although still a little intimidating at times, parents are just wanting the same things I do: love, belonging, acceptance, and mercy.  Give their kid praise and they feel praised to.  So basically, I try to outweigh the praise with the bad stuff NOT just during conference week but ALL YEAR...ESPECIALLY in the beginning.  It's worked wonders with my parent/teacher relationships.

3. I still know nothing about raising kids, but I DO have six years of teaching experience to pull from, so with each year gains a little more confidence.

4. Here's how I deal with questions I can't answer: "I'm not sure, but I'll get back to you on that." Then, I really DO get back to them on that.  Not only do I learn something, but parents trust me.  All it takes is a little humility, which I'm usually not all that willing to show.

5. With the way this year is going, staying until 7pm is just old hat.  Seriously, my vocation as a teacher is NOT 9-5.  I knew that all along, but this year, I'm really having to live it!

So here's to you, Parent Teacher Conference Week!  You aren't so gloom-and-doom anymore.  I mean, I prefer a beach vacation, but if this is what I get, I'll take it! :)