Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back to School Without Fear

So, tomorrow starts the grand adventure of "back-to-school."  I'm going into my classroom to start sorting through and getting it set up for the new school year.

An added twist: I'm not really sure what classroom that is.  Enrollment has been kind of weird at St. Susanna and I've been dancing between the 3rd grade and 4th grade all summer.  My stuff is all in boxes and SOMEWHERE at school.

So, I attack all this uncertainty tomorrow.  Will I have enough time to get it done?  Will I even have enough bookshelves to put everything on?  Where am I going to store everything?  Wait.  What about my lesson plans?  How in the HECK am I going to do this?  These were all questions plaguing my brain last night as I went to sleep and this morning while I was trying to focus on morning prayer.

But, as always, God saves in the circumstances of my life.  First, I'm with my niece today, which means I'm spending the whole day serving someone other than myself.  She sees life with such joy and simplicity that it really makes you feel stupid that you're worried about something like bookshelves.

Secondly, through some divinely arranged technological encounters! :)  A text message, two blogs (not mine) and an online article my friend wrote about Catholic schools have all reminded me again of something I already know to be true, but need the constant assurance of my friends--God is in control.  And God wants our happiness.  And when I follow this Love, all things unfold in a beauty I couldn't imagine.

In the article I read today the superintendent of Catholic Schools in Witchita says to be a servant, a steward and a shepherd in leadership because the work is not our own.  There is Something much bigger at play!

In gratitude for the knowledge of the Lord's love for me, I go into my school building wanting to serve Him through the circumstances He gives.  I'll let you know how God writes the story.