Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back to School Without Fear

So, tomorrow starts the grand adventure of "back-to-school."  I'm going into my classroom to start sorting through and getting it set up for the new school year.

An added twist: I'm not really sure what classroom that is.  Enrollment has been kind of weird at St. Susanna and I've been dancing between the 3rd grade and 4th grade all summer.  My stuff is all in boxes and SOMEWHERE at school.

So, I attack all this uncertainty tomorrow.  Will I have enough time to get it done?  Will I even have enough bookshelves to put everything on?  Where am I going to store everything?  Wait.  What about my lesson plans?  How in the HECK am I going to do this?  These were all questions plaguing my brain last night as I went to sleep and this morning while I was trying to focus on morning prayer.

But, as always, God saves in the circumstances of my life.  First, I'm with my niece today, which means I'm spending the whole day serving someone other than myself.  She sees life with such joy and simplicity that it really makes you feel stupid that you're worried about something like bookshelves.

Secondly, through some divinely arranged technological encounters! :)  A text message, two blogs (not mine) and an online article my friend wrote about Catholic schools have all reminded me again of something I already know to be true, but need the constant assurance of my friends--God is in control.  And God wants our happiness.  And when I follow this Love, all things unfold in a beauty I couldn't imagine.

In the article I read today the superintendent of Catholic Schools in Witchita says to be a servant, a steward and a shepherd in leadership because the work is not our own.  There is Something much bigger at play!

In gratitude for the knowledge of the Lord's love for me, I go into my school building wanting to serve Him through the circumstances He gives.  I'll let you know how God writes the story.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Blessed are your eyes, because they see..."

So, July has been kind of a whirlwind and the blogging time unintentionally slipped by!  At the beginning of the summer, a theme of my prayer was to "Open the eyes of my heart, Lord." and He has been doing just that by giving life such a richness and fullness these past few weeks.

I'm going to hardly give these events justice, but here's a brief synopsis of where I've been lately.
The Rocky Mountains for the CL Vacation
I spent my Fourth of July hiking on the Continental Divide!  Woot! I think this picture is beautiful because of the girls in it and the mountains. :)

This vacation with about sixty other young adults from all over the country was another moment for me to really see how God  has chosen this particular path for me to follow Christ.  A priest on the vacation reminded me that I can't just use my experiences with CL just as a resource, but it really needs to shape all of my life! 

As a result, I've been taking much more seriously inviting people to events, reading Traces, the CL Magazine and staying faithful to praying the Liturgy of the Hours.  Taking this opportunities to really educate my heart makes me much more clear in front of other life events that happen that I don't expect or don't like (for example, having to finish up my graduate classes!)

Going hand in hand with the vacation was something that happened four days after:
Meeting Fr. Carron in Evansville
Fr. Carron is the priest that is the President for Communion and Liberation in the world.  He's the little guy right to my right! :)  He has such a piece and a great spirit that you know has to be generated from his relationship with Christ.  He spent the weekend singing songs with us and answering our questions (informally and at a formal assembly) Father reminded us that following Christ is "easy" in that you're attracted by something beautiful and you move to understand it deeper.

He gave me the courage to know that I'm a light for others, simply because I've been touched by the hand of God as I can verify in all kinds of experiences in my life!  That light attracts others in HIS TIME and in HIS WAY, which I have trouble sometimes letting happen.  Haha.

I remember the first few nights after getting back from Evansville scourging through old news articles and notes from conferences I'd attended just urging to give my friends some helpful words for things they were struggling through in their lives.  It's been such a renewal for me to see with this clarity again and it's STABLE.  Something that I know won't go away with the changing emotions.

I continue to see this fervor for living even now...I worked for about 20 hours in the last two days on things for my master's classes and instead of just "getting it done to be done" I was proud of my work and emailed it to some friends who I thought would be interested too.  It became a proposal for life instead of just a task.

Then, I woke up this morning and started to really think about what has touched me and wanting to delve deeper into the truths of life in a lot of gestures--I'm helping a friend put together a presentation for art, we're working on a movie night, I want to put on a book presentation with the book we read at our weekly meetings, etc.  And all of this comes not from a duty (well, I SHOULD do this because I'm the leader) but a love for the people around me and desire for them to experience what I have.

So, are you with me on this journey? In whatever capacity you follow, we are friends simply because we have been put on the same path to discover again and again the beauty of our natures and the goodness of what reality shows us.