Monday, June 27, 2011

The "Whoa's!" of Technology...

There are things in life we just take for granted these the capacity that it's reducing my critical thinking skills.

Get this: I actually locked my niece in the car today.  Well, I thought I did.  After an awesome ice cream cone and run around in the play area at Chik-Fil-A, we went out the car.  She was holding my keys (with the remote that has the lock/unlock and "panic" buttons on them) and I had the key to my ignition in my hand.  I put my niece in the car seat, shut the door, was walking around my car when...CLICK...Lydie Bug, in all her cuteness, pressed the LOCK button on the remote, locking herself in.

I was FREAKING OUT!  It was a hot day, my cell phone was locked in the car too (along with my niece)...all the windows are up, she's going to be dying of heat in there.  Real, true, panic rose up inside of me.  Do I motion to a one-year-old how to push the (much smaller and less appealing than the one she just pushed) UNLOCK button??  How do I leave her out there while I go inside to ask to use the phone?  WHO do I call?  How do I even know their number??

In my anxiety, I started pacing and flipping my ignition key around my finger...MY IGNITION KEY.  Despite my popular practices, that DOES still open all of the doors to my car.  So, I open it, "rescue" my niece and drive out of the Chik-fil-A parking lot, CRYING because I got so scared and LAUGHING because that was the most ridiculous situation I've been in for a long while.  Thank God I didn't call AAA!!!

So, after about three minutes of real stress, we are all okay and the niece is peacefully now sleeping in her air-conditioned home on a nice comfy bed.

My first car had manual locks, roll-down windows, no cruise control, etc.  I didn't have a remote opener for the first eight years of being a legal driver!  Remembering THIS would have been helpful this afternoon....