Sunday, June 5, 2011

Proud to be a Rebel

I had the good fortune yesterday of witnessing one of my high school classmates, Dustin Boehm, be ordained into the Catholic priesthood!  As a graduate of Roncalli, we always talk about "Rebel Pride" and I can't think of a reason to be more proud when someone embraces a way of life that is counter-cultural, a sacrifice in some ways, yet with grace and humility as Dustin did.

It was a great day, filled with the Holy Spirit and a true sign that life's meaning and happiness comes from Someone else!  

In a homily given during Dustin's first Mass, a priest from St. Meinrad (I forget his name now) said that, in Dustin's years of formation, he learned what it meant to be a man.  A man who loves.  A man of prayer.  A man of God. 

Isn't this what our education is all about?  Becoming the TRUEST men and women we were created to be?  Dustin thanked so many of his friends, family, priests and parishes that had helped form him through the years and he was dead on--we aren't finding our way alone!  It's only through great witnesses of the faith and unconditional love that we can have the courage to live life in the way Christ asks of us!

It's only the beginning to see what becomes of this man--now Fr. Dustin Boehm.  I hope I am blessed to see all the lives he will touch through his selfless giving of his life through the priesthood.  May we all pray that Christ be close to Fr. Dustin in prayer and give him a deeper joy than he ever thought possible!