Friday, April 8, 2011

A Word from St. Susanna School

I felt especially moved to share the most recent article I wrote in my classroom newsletter.  Every week I use the space to write a note from me to the parents of my fourth graders and it's turned into a little mini-blog in its own rite!

Hope you enjoy!

So, the BIG visit we’ve been looking forward to all year from the Accreditation team of the Archdiocese FINALLY came yesterday!

With people in our building all day, I wasn’t exactly nervous, just very aware of my teaching: How was I speaking to my students?  Did I have all my materials prepared?  Are these lessons engaging to the students?  Is my room looking nice?

It’s amazing the clarity that is brought when you know someone is watching.

Then it hit me: SOMEONE IS WATCHING US ALL THE TIME!  God, our Father, the Creator, has never left us.  He sees me mess up, not care, shrink on some of my responsibilities, yet He still blesses me with this awesome community here at St. Susanna, with motivated and curious fourth graders and amazingly supportive parents.  I should be living every day as if I were up for review (like yesterday) because it is in my daily life and choices that I’m either giving God glory or forgetting about Him.  May I always be helped to remember that there’s always ONE MORE in my classroom of 19 students.