Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lessons Learned During The Triduum

The Triduum (Holy Thursday until Easter Sunday) are considered by the Catholic Church to be the three holiest days of the entire year.  And yet, I didn't get a single day off to celebrate them.  Yes, I was bitter.  How's a girl supposed to live a life of holiness when she's got progress reports due on Good Friday and papers to grade on Easter weekend?

How can I make Christ the center of my life when I feel like so often the circumstances are totally against it?

And, as always, God responds to my foolishness and helps me see.  The Church is an institution with over 2,000 years of wisdom, so these Holy Days really can't be disputed.  Despite how tired I was or how much I thought I had to do, I made all the gestures of Holy Week priorities and kind of left the rest to fall into place.

When you pay attention to life (in the moment, not just when you're praying at night or riding home from events or whatever...) you discover that the present is rich in intensity.  The events of the last three days of my life are entirely too much to write in one post.  So I'm breaking it up into three (or four) installments.  In the end, it helps me put words to a deep experience of Christ's passion and Resurrection and what exactly it has to do with my life.  If it helps you too, GREAT!  An added bonus!

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