Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Good Friday

Part Two: Good Friday...The day the Catholic Church (and Christian churches alike) remember Christ's suffering and death on the Cross.

I had to go to work on Good Friday, which made me sad.  It's like I think that I can't live a religious life and work...which is completely ridiculous to sit here and type, but it's how I behave.  I was dreading school because I couldn't "meditate" on God all day (like I really would have anyway!) and INSTEAD I had to finish my report cards AND lesson plan for the next week. 

Then, enter Fr. Rick into my head (again) and all the people who are workers for the Church.  Here are people whose busiest week of the year is Holy Week.  They don't get any time off....ever, during that week.  Does God just forsake them?  NO!  There has to be promise in their days too.  So, why couldn't this be true of my life??

There have been many times (at school mostly) where I've had entirely too much that needed to get done in one day just for me to keep my job.  And always, without fail, I get these things done WHEN I offer them to God first.  So, here I was: 7:15am Good Friday morning saying, "Lord, I'm mad at you (see Holy Thursday post) but I know you are the ONLY One who can help me get all this done....so here goes."

And, boy did it go!  Not only did I finish my report cards, I was able to lesson plan for the new week, AND an incredibly generous mom helper came and did my copies, too!  It was all done AND I was ahead!  Shocking!  With those things out of the way, I felt like I was really able to enter the Way of the Cross procession we had with CL later that afternoon without thinking I neglected something at school. 

My Good Friday was amazing and not because I escaped school (please, I still had a ridiculous amount of papers to grade on Saturday) but because I was able to embrace my job as part of my vocation--as a way to love God on his Holiest Week of the year.  And this was freedom!

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