Friday, March 11, 2011

The Text Messages I WOULD Have Sent

"Lent is a time of new beginnings..." the paragraph I read to my fourth graders said today.  It's been on my heart for a few weeks now that text messaging is the ultimate cop-out in my life.  It's a way to not have to deal with the drama of people's human emotions or uncomfortableness and just get what you want out of them!  Text messaging saves time and does not require too much of myself...Perfect.

Wrong.  I miss talking on the phone to people or having to say more than five words back and forth.  So, I decided that giving up text messaging was my Lenten sacrifice this year.  So, I've made it two and a half days and it's HARD.  A way of contact that I lean on every I "offer it up" and remember that, in the end, text messaging (and even those who I am contacting with it) does not determine my happiness or really even aid it!

I am discovering, though, that my intentions behind text messaging aren't all bad.  Yes, sometimes I might text someone when I should have spoke to them face to face and I only use text to get a quick answer at of someone.  But a lot of times, my texting is meant to bring a smile to someone's face.  And so, here is my list of texts I could have sent over the last two and a half days, but sacrificed.  The recipients are left a secret! :)

1. My MATH Bowl team came in first place tonight!
2. I need a beer...
3. Happy Ash Wednesday!
4. I miss seeing you around....
5. School of Community is on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday nights. Here are the times....(you wouldn't believe how many texts I get about that!)
6. I'm so happy for you!
7. Yes! I can babysit Friday night!
8. Have a wonderful day!  I was thinking about you at Mass this morning!
9. Can we put a date on the calendar for spritual direction?
10. Missioning is making me lose my mind...
11. Report Cards aren't due until Wednesday!  Thank God!
12. I didn't see daylight today.
13. Were you praying for me?  Because some crazy stuff happened this morning...
14. Happy Birthday!
15. Nice Ash!
16. I can't stop thinking about this Eucharist talk!

You get the picture....Here's to you, texting.  Like anything else, an piece of technology that can be used to dehumanize OR elevate humanity by putting a smile on someone's face.  How's your intentions??

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