Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fear of Work (Insert whatever activity forces you to give up free time)

These questions have been popping into my mind as my Christmas break comes closer and closer to an end:

How will I stay this reflective?  How will I continue to pray like I have been?  How will I stay on top of keeping my house in order? How, when I feel like my life is spinning out of control, will I be able to pinpoint SO FAST the trigger? What's going to happen to me when I have to go back to being super busy all the time?

Then, as always God saves the day!  (In He comes, flying with a cape like a super hero) This line is what I read from my "Prayer for Beginners" book today: "God designed us to be animals (rational animals), not angels.  He put us into a material world, and he put into our nature the need for many kinds of material actions, such as eating, sleeping, begetting and working.  He could not possibly have designed these things to be distractions and obstacles to our santification, but only means to it, for he designed everything to be a means to that end.  Therefore, we can pray even in working (not just as we work); we can make our works prayers.  How do we make our works prayer? Not by changing our work (unless our work is sinful or shoddy or dishonest or lazy), but by changing our motive.  Instead of peeling potatoes because we want to taste them, we peel them because we love God and the God who wants us to peel potatoes right now."

So, for today, A DAY OFF, is not really a day off from loving God.  Now, instead of trying to preserve all my free time because I only have "so much" left. I go live!  In about an hour, I'll leave my house and not be back until midnight....because these things are what God is asking me to do today.  And these events will in fact lead me closer to becoming a saint if I let them!