Saturday, December 25, 2010

All I Want For Christmas

Let's get the popular ones out of the way...

From Christmas carols/movies:
1. Hippopotamus
2. You (whoever "you" might be that year)
3. My Two Front Teeth
4. A Red Rider Action Rifle

When somone asked me this week, "What do you want for Christmas, Erica?" I responded "a husband."  Which was a joke.  I think.  But, it got me thinking....what do I really want?  Now, the following list is somewhat silly and serious.  I hope you can tell the difference in the items I mention.  In making this list I also know and believe that there is a faithful God who knows WAY better than I do what's good for me.  And He gives me everything I need TODAY. 

But, just for funsies, here's my Christmas List for 2010:

In no particular order....

1. A husband...let's just say it.
2. My grandma's hamloaf
3. Snow
4. Midnight Mass Incense
5. An automatic starter for my car
6. Hearing Jess sing "Mary Did You Know?"
7. Mistletoe (wink wink)
8. Another trip to Haiti
9. Snow Boots
10. No more divorce... ESPECIALLY for the parents of my students!
11. Cable TV
12. That I could actually witness (without fear) how much Christ means for everyone's life.
13. Trip to San Diego in the middle of February
14. Massage
15. That family divisions could be healed.
16. An adventure in Rome
17. Kissing my niece's cheeks!
18. Losing ten pounds! (Gotta lay off the Christmas goodies for that to happen!)
19.  Higher salaries for hard working teachers....less for professional athletes.
20.  To know Christ more fully each and every day!

(Last time I made a wish list like this, things started happening!  We will see...)

May God bless you and the ones you love with more than you could EVER dream up or wish for!