Monday, November 1, 2010

Those Things That Surprise You

A surprise helps us to remember that we don't create the reality which we live in....

Good or bad, surprises are your wake up call that YOU don't (and can't) control your own life.  I've had so many surprises hit me in the last week, that I thought I'd share a few.  Some are really good and others are bad, but ALL point to the fact that there's a deeper Mystery about life that we just can't comprehend.

For me, I'm saved from being slave to all these surprises (good or bad...because being slave to a good surprise is just as horrific) when I realize that the One who gives them loves me and He's here to walk with me to my greatest possibility of happiness. My hope is that I can help others to that certainty while growing in my own as well.

Top Ten Surprises to Erica's Week (in no particular order)

1. My shower drain clogged AND the shower head sprayed water EVERYWHERE all on the same day.  A Monday, of course.
2. Your brain can actually grow new brain cells. (There's hope for all of us!)
3. A dear friend blogged about my blog in a tremendous affirmation.
4. One of my fourth grade student's homes burned to the ground.  All are safe, but they have nothing.
5. Parent Teacher Conferences are just as awkward for the parent as the teacher and generally, the parents are on your side.
6. A deeper sense of who someone is can be revealed in their Halloween costumes.
7. We had four new (or returning from a long "vacation") people to CL on Tuesday night.
8. Heather was at Caitlin's Halloween Party and I haven't seen her in what felt like years!
9. My sister had some crap handed to her in life and I have to let her live it!
10. A man is stepping up to the plate and risking dating me.  God help us.  Quite literally. (and with THAT comes about 20 more surprises I would never blog about....haha)

Quite a list for one week, eh?  Since it is the Feast of All Saints, I feel like it could be mentioned that saints were nothing spectacular except that they lived the circumstances they were given in extraordinary ways.  There are saints who had jobs, were married, had temptations, sufferings, etc. but they followed God with unwavering faith, despite the SURPRISES. 

Lord, may I truly desire to be a saint...because I think that's the only real thing I have to do--make the commitment to be one!