Monday, October 18, 2010

Purpose of A Blog?

So, I'm a busy girl.  Why should I do this whole blogging thing? For one, it's an experiment...placed in front of me by a webinar I took this month about making classroom blogs for my students.  Since I've never actually done this, I figured I would take some time to educate myself before I got carried away with it in front of my students!

Also, I don't want this to be a waste of my time...or anyone who reads it's waste of time either.  So, I really want this blog to be about issues concerning the heart.  What's the "heart" you ask?  It's more than just our emotions, feelings, opinions or even preferences.  It's about looking at the origin of our being...who/what we were actually created for and what characteristics all of us share.  For example, my heart is made up of need for beauty, for truth, justice, love and belonging, etc.  Without these, a part of me feels dried up, empty or unsatisfied.  And so, this blog is going to be experiences, musings, sharings based on where I saw the needs of my heart explode and start asking again. 

Asking for what?  FULFILLMENT!  But is that even possible?  Can we really find what our hearts long for?  I continue to verify in my life that I have met a Man who says that yes, this is possible.  And by letting Him lead my life, I am actually able to experience more joy and peace than I ever have on my own.

I hope that blog can bring me clarity, joy, and greater verification that Jesus Christ is risen and living in our world.